A CxO view on GAMP 5 Second Edition

Change of business environment Business digitalization brings a wealth of benefits to the Life Sciences [....]

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Incorporate and take advantage of technology trends in Life Sciences.

INTRODUCTION The future of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical technology operations has changed, which has improved [....]

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Environmental Due Diligence Services for Mergers and Acquisition Activity

What is it About? There are a multitude of risks to deal with and address [....]

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The importance of GAMP 5, a pragmatic approach to computer systems validation

Introduction. I have now been involved with GAMP COP since the late 90’s and have [....]

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Packaging – Compliance and Opportunity

Regulatory compliance in packaging is a fundamental requirement for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. [....]

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Innovation & Collaboration with Shodann – Technology Partner

Introduction: In recent years Northern Life Sciences (NLS) have a built a team of experienced [....]

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Due Diligence Process in Life Sciences.

Some history of the Process Probably the term “due diligence” has been used in 1598 [....]

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Pharmaceutical Operations Today and Near Future – Interview with Theodore Iliopoulos

We have finished our previous meeting discussing the challenges for the industry in near future. [....]

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Strategic Planning

“A business strategy for regulated organizations may be considered as the combination of competitive actions [....]

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Project Case Study

It was very encouraging that a company has embraced the principals and concepts within current [....]

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