Northern Life Sciences (NLS) digital transformation and rebranding.

Our world is going through the revolution in terms of new technologies at the speed of light. We can barely keep up with it! 
This revolution applies to all areas of personal life (we have smart phones, smart homes and computerized kitchens) and professional life (we work remotely, we use devices until recently considered science fiction).
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the digital transformation of companies due to the sudden lack of possibilities for business trips, business meetings, conferences and symposia, trade fairs, etc.
For many entrepreneurs, especially for industries acquiring clients and leads at business events it was quite a shock. How can you sell effectively now?!!!
Northern Life Sciences are experts, scientists, consultants from a narrow and very specialized field who also faced this problem.
Fortunately, it hit company with strong IT skills, so the decision to adjust marketing to new realities was quick as it was not burdened with the fear of being online, which is a problem for less IT-developed companies. The NLS digital transformation was about creating, developing and implementing a new marketing strategy. Strategy based on communication with the industry using mainly digital communication channels. 

The transformation didn’t happen without rebranding…. 
We tweaked the logo, changed the whole look of the company.  The slogan has remained the same: Strategy, Quality, Compliance… as these are the founding pillars of Northern Life Sciences!
I thought for a long time, together with the NLS team , about the artistic and visual side of the company…
The company’s showcase on the web is a simple and elegant website, emphasizing the expert-consulting nature of the company with its design.
A bit of old school design emphasizes that this is not a completely new company, it has 28 years of experience to begin with.
Modern interactive solutions and communication with the industry say that new technologies are not empty words to NLS. After all, they work professionally on networks and systems!

A good website in the Life Science sector means , a strong content that hits everyone.
Content on the website (and LI) is written by NLS consultants for you, by people who know what they are talking about! This has helped NLS stand out!
The website is there to encourage public to visit it, especially in the News section, where you will find interesting industry articles, news, case studies posted by NLS consultants and more.

We invite experts, industry leaders, but also talented young people who have something innovative to say in the area of validation and compliance to publish articles on our website. You just need to register as an author to publish your article. We will help you with the process.
On behalf of NLS, I cordially invite you to participate in this initiative! Equally, it is enough to subscribe to the newsletter to be informed about new publications.
The Life Science industry is not an entertainment industry… hence the decision of NLS to be present only in business social media, so far we have a profile on LinkedIn which we also invite you to follow…

New communication tools: website, Li profile are not the end of our work! Digital marketing is a communication platform that lives and evolves. You won’t put it on the shelf in the closet … it’s marketing that we create every day, without any break…
That is why I am convinced that what we have now is just the beginning of NLS’, path to effective, pleasant-to-receive and above all two-way communication with you!
The company wants to provide valuable marketing that will assure our partners (current clients, independent consultants and industry leaders) that it is worth betting on us, NLS is a long-term business partner, successively bringing value to your company and your employees.
The people of NLS are in the Life Science and pharmaceutical market by intent and not by chance, with many years of experience in consulting,
information systems governance, software engineering, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine, which gives great value add to their clients.

As a Marketing Associate at NLS responsible for creating and driving the transformation and rebranding, I would like to thank everyone involved in the project, especially those inside the company, for whom contact with me (with marketing) meant extra after hours work And I promise that your involvement will pay off!
Since I am thanking my colleagues, I must mention Paul Irving, the founder of NLS, with whom I collaborated “centuries” ago in different realities in a previous career. Now he bet on me as his MA, although it must be honestly said, that I felt out of my depth at first with digital marketing but now I successfully deliver this for NLS from my base here in Palm Beach Divers dive center in Thailand.
Covid forced me to work remotely and I am delighted to be working with Paul and the Northern Life Sciences team
Thanks Paul for the trust you placed in me!