Due Diligence for M&A

Northern Life Sciences’ Team have helped many Life Sciences organizations with DUE DILIGENCE (DD) over a period of the last 20 years. Developing a consistent approach to: Integration of departments, organizations, focusing on key business drivers including Quality and Compliance implications that arise in such scenarios. We can help with your strategy, planning and implementation of such projects, a SMART approach that will ensure your business has minimum financial and regulatory impact. We will also act as mentors to your Leadership ensuring that you engage the correct resources to achieve your short and long term company goals.
We can support company’s leadership team in a final plausibility check of the results of the hard data DD as well as soft part of merger or acquisition process.
All these actions will lead to better understanding of both the industry-wide and company-specific risks. We will propose the ways to mitigate risks and a path to longer term business continuity and sustainability.